Modern Style Bi-fold Doors Design(Customize)

Bi-Fold Folding Door

When we decorate the house we all hope to make greater use of space. Ordinary doors will occupy part of the space, so now folding doors are very popular. Because the can be folder and will not occupy too much space. Folding doors can make a genuine impact on your quantity of life from the increase natural light and fresh air. This type of doors are also known as bi-folding doors or room dividers. You can use it by fold in or out to open up space.

Indoor Folding Door

We provide a top-hang wooden folding door for your indoor partition. The solid wood folding door is made of nature logs as the door core, then dried and then processed scientifically in a series of sequences. We use African processed-resistant and have good thermal insulation. You have got any docu-color on it and lacquer finish also.


Frank Lloyd Wright

“Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."

Outdoor Folding Door

For any kind of outdoor use DesignAge is presenting “Aluminum Profile” folding door. The surface of aluminum folding door is traded and European Aluminum profiles are coated with powder spray in black and white color. It has good decorative effect and also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation and so on. Its 5mm thickness Chinese Cleared glass will provide a longer service in your outdoor.

Wooden Folding Door

  • Imported African Red Oak Wood & Beech Wood
  • 5mm non-tempered Chinese clean glass.
  • Docu or Lacquer paint finish for wooden texture as per customer choice.
  • A-grade necessary Chinese hardware and complete work at site.

Aluminum Folding Door

  • Profile – Aluminum alloy(European Standard)
  • Single glass section: 5mm no tempered Chinese clear glass.(For tempered extra charge will be added).
  • Powder coated white / Black Color Profit.
  • A-Grade Chinese hardware (Imported) and complete work at site.


  • 1) Easy to use, push and pull freely and effectively save the occupied space of the door.
  • 2) Simple and fast installation, long service life and convenient maintenance.
  • 3) Imported hardware fitting are adopted with excellent performance.
  • 4) Good air thickness, water tightness, sound insulation.
  • 5) It is good conducive to fresh and hygienic air and good closure.


  • For Aluminum Folding Door It Will be cost 3000TK (Per SFT)
  • For Wooden Folding Door It Will be cost 3200TK (Per SFT)


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